Elisabetta Fortunato

I was born in Bern (Switzerland) as a child of Italian immigrants. In Bern and in Bologna (Italy) I studied Italian language and literature, Roman languages and literature as well as history. I acquired the degree of a grammar school teacher in the subjects of Italian language and history.

Besides my studies I have worked regularly, specially, at grammar and vocational schools but also as a freelance journalist for Italian newspapers and as a presenter of an Italian radio programme.

In 1999 I took on the leadership of the further education centre for migrants “FORMAZIONE” in Bern. Here we offered apprenticeships and further education for Italians, Spaniards, Albanians, Tamils and South Americans.

In the project “Increasing the willingness of young migrants to undertake an apprenticeship” I am part of the team leadership.

Thanks to my work experience and my personal history as a double migrant I am familiar with the problems of young migrants. For me it is important to show that bicultural and bilingualism is no weakness, but of great value for the personal development and chosen career that should be absolutely used.

As I feel Italian and Swiss I have since 1998 a dual citizenship. Today I call myself European.


Vittoria Pompizzi-Kretzschmar

Called Vicky

I was born on the 29.03.1961 in Engelsbach (Germany) as a daughter of an Italian and an Austrian “guest worker”, who had moved to Germany in 1959.

I have a fourteen-year-old son.

My apprenticeship that is my chosen career had at first some breaks until I achieved to be a “social educator”, as what I am working today: After I had started an apprenticeship to be a lawyer and notary assistant I changed my mind and started studying German Language and Literature. I completed my German studies until an advanced level, but then decided nevertheless to study social education and so I became a qualified social educator.

After a year of acknowledgement in a class for pre-school kids I was working during five years as a social worker in a minder primary school in Dietzenbach.

Later on I was working during three years as a manager for the foreign board of the district of Offenbach.

It is now two years ago that I am working as a project coordinator and a project leader at the CGIL-Association for Education. As a “child of the second generation” I have a special interest in the problems of migration and therefore I have participated in different specialised conferences and courses regarding the areas of integration. I have also participated in further education courses called “Fit as a partner – qualification for managers in self organisation by migrants”.

I speak German, Italian and English, but only limited French.

In the project “Increasing the willingness of young migrants to undertake an apprenticeship” I am part of the team leadership.

I am especially responsible for:

  • Information events that make Turkish and Moroccan migrants aware of the situation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Public Relations work